Jessica Kaye’s Catchy Music

Photo Credit: Stanley Dela Cruz Tangalin

One of my good friends has been creating some rather catchy acoustic music, such great music that I felt the need to share it with you all.

Known by many for her videos of acoustic covers on Youtube, she broke out onto the music scene in 2009 independently releasing her first demo “Full Conviction”. She now has an EP aptly titled “Basement Sounds” available for purchase.

She now plays fund-raisers and gigs in bars and other venues around Montreal and has even done some shows in San Francisco.

I feel that her music is from the heart and full of emotions and I’m sure we can all feel a relation to at least one of her songs. My personal favorite would have to be Unkept. it’s got a bit of extra flair to it that I really enjoy.

If you’re in the mood to just relax and listen to some pure; good and honest music, you should give her a listen.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Upcoming shows:

  • June 30: Ukrainian federation (rock camp for girls fund-raiser/crafts fair)
  • July 09: Grumpy’s
  • July 14: Crobar (90s party/fund-raiser for breast cancer research)

Check out Jessica Kaye’s Music:

You can buy her music here.


4 comments on “Jessica Kaye’s Catchy Music

  1. I really love her music it so great especially “Acting Reel ” it’s my favorite .


  2. i like this so much. thanks for posting.


  3. information was very great to read.


  4. thanks for sharing…


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