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On The Recent Signings By The Habs: Part Un

Bergevin has made quite a few signings since June 29th as the new Habs GM. There’s a whole lot of discussion going on all over the city about how good or bad the moves are. I decided to share my thoughts on the signings, in no particular order, with my followers. Since there were quite a few of them, I felt it would be wise to split them into different posts. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section bellow the post. Without further ado, here’s part one:
Carey Price: One thing everyone agreed on was that Bergevin needed to sign Pricey. The way I see it, Montreal should have given him this contract after trading Jaroslav Halak. Carey is Montreal’s franchise goaltender and locking him up for six years at 39M$ was a great decision. He’s still young which leaves plenty of time to mature and improve to a whole new level. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying he’s a bad goalie who needs to improve, all I’m saying that he will be truly amazing when he hits his prime. Hopefully he is right in saying that my the time his contract is up he’ll have a cup under his belt. I always felt that Montreal would win their next Stanley Cup with Carey Price in net.
Colby Armstrong: This one could turn out to be a real hit or miss for Bergevin. Considered by many to be the best acquisition by Habs’ Brass this past July 1st, it can also be considered the biggest risk. What worries me is his previous injuries. What amuses me is that Toronto wanted nothing to do with him. They bought out his contract to get rid of him. That alone can speak volumes of a player, in a negative way. I mean if your contract is being bought out by the Maple Leafs, you must really suck. The Maple Leafs need all the help they can get because they suck all kinds. Would Toronto’s GM really give up a player who actually is good just because said player was injured? He probably would, because it’s Toronto. Despite the fact that his past injuries worry me, I am confident he can exceed expectations here in Montreal. He has experience playing under Therrien and hopefully playing for his favorite childhood team will be some sort of inspiration to him.
Brendon Nash: Who? Seriously, he obviously didn’t do anything to impress me because I honestly don’t remember who he is. This one was a head-scratcher for me.
Alexei Emelin: Boy am I glad that #EmelinBoom is back. It was so refreshing to see a Canadiens defenseman throwing hard hits, even if it was on his own teammates. I was hoping to see the Habs sign him to at least a one year contract, so when I saw that we will be treated to two more seasons of the Russian Wrecking Ball‘s great hits I was elated. He finished the season with 236 hits in 67 games! That was enough to place him first among rookies in the hits category and 14th overall in the league for hits. Admittedly, there were times that his hits were mistimed thus taking him out of the play, but I felt that more often than not he would make it back on time to correct his mistake. Yeah, there are a few things he has yet to learn but at the end of the day I felt it was a great signing by Marc Bergevin.
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