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On The Recent Signings By The Habs: Part Deux

Bergevin has made quite a few signings since June 29th as the new Habs GM. There’s a whole lot of discussion going on all over the city about how good or bad the moves are. I decided to share my thoughts on the signings, in no particular order, with my followers. Since there were quite a few of them, I felt it would be wise to split them into different posts. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section bellow the post. Without further ado, here’s part two:
Petteri Nokelainen: I wasn’t sure how I felt about this one. At 6’1″ and 202 lbs he does add a bit of size to the Habs. He also had few issues with injuries last year, but that has almost become something that’s to be expected when you play with for Montreal no? In 56 games he had a whopping total of 3 goals and 4 assists for a total of 7 points. With a +/- rating of +6. One of, if not the only good thing about him is that he was over 50% success in face-offs taken. To be honest, I probably would have let him go. I have to admit though, he has nice hair in this picture.
Travis Moen: I liked Moen last season. I liked the fact that he brought an aspect of toughness to the team when the situation permitted. I liked that if needed, he could help out on a first or second line for a few shifts. I don’t think he should remain a top 6 guy. In my opinion he’d be more useful on a third or fourth line with guys like Ryan White and Brandon Prust. Oh boy what a great intense, tough and energetic line that would be. With his contract of 1.85M4 per year for 4 years, it can almost be a considered a steal, I’m sure he would’ve fetched more somewhere else. Kudos to Bergevin for this one.
Brandon Prust: At 6’0″ and 192 lbs, he isn’t that big but man is he one tough sonofabitch. He had 20 fights last year and one more in the playoffs. He can also hold his weight against tougher and bigger brutes in the NHL. Montreal has needed a guy to fill this role for a long time. Sure, Brad Staubitz did it for a while be he’s no Brandon Prust. I can’t wait to see him in the lineup against the Bruins. I know for a fact that Therrien will use him as best as he could. Unlike JM and Carbo who didn’t want fighters, Michel has gone on record stating he want’s a tougher team. I just hope he doesn’t pull “a Laraque” and become a vegan or start asking players politely if they want to fight. We all know what happened with Gorges when all that nonsense started.
Frédéric St-Denis: St-Denis had 1 goal and 2 assists (3 points) in 17 games played and a rating of +3. Shit stats to be honest but I don’t mind this signing. If anything, he is a good depth guy to have on the blue line. I don’t expect him to play many more games with the big Club next season than he did last season but I am glad he’s back. What I remember of him was that he was a smart player and will be of tremendous help to the Bulldogs. But let’s be honest, at 26 years of age, if he hasn’t earned a permanent roster spot yet, I doubt he will anytime soon.
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One comment on “On The Recent Signings By The Habs: Part Deux

  1. Nokelainen and St-Denis both had a positive +/- on a negative team. Nokelainen was our only center above 50 in the faceoff circle and I would take St-Denis over Diaz any day.


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