Fires in Madeira

(in Portuguese)

I don’t know how to express the way I feel right now.

For the past two days the island of Madeira, Portugal; birthplace of my father has been ravaged by forest fires.

From what I understand, relief efforts are impeded by budget limitations, lack of water and a lack of firefighters. This morning more fire fighters apparently arrived from the main land to lend a helping hand to the volunteer firefighters.

I was glad to hear that my relatives are safe from the blaze. Those who were vacationing there have already boarded their scheduled flight home. My sister, also on holidays in Madeira is in the village where my dad’s family lives. For now it appears to be off the fire’s path of destruction.

I pray that the fire can be controlled quickly and that no one is injured or killed in the fires.



3 comments on “Fires in Madeira

  1. It is crazy. Some of the firefighters have not had time to sleep yet and many civilians are out fighting fires themselves. Whats worse is with he economy the way it is right now, most people will lose all they have AND tourism will suffer :((


  2. We have to do something. I am considering options for fund raising. I urge everyone to show their love and support for Madeira with financial support.


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