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New Tattoo: Wedding Date

PhotoGrid_1368062476495I got another tattoo done this week and this one is very important to me. I got married this past April 27th and I have to admit that it was the happiest moment of my life.

I also started working as an electrician 7 months ago, and of course I can’t wear my gold wedding band as I work. The obvious reason being that gold is one of the best conductors of electricity.

The ring itself is very dear to me as it was my dad’s ring. He gave it to me because he also can’t wear a ring when he works. I don’t want to risk getting my finger stuck anywhere because of the ring, or damage the ring.

Although  I can’t always wear the ring, I wanted to find a way to have something on my finger in lieu of the ring when I take it off.

I decided to get a tattoo. I wanted to get something done on my ring finger to be there whenever I can’t wear the ring. After much thought and consideration of what to do, I settled on our wedding date.

I went back to Dahlia Tattoos in Ville LaSalle, the same place I got my ground symbol done. Once again Meaghan was able to give me what I was looking to get and it turned out great. Without a doubt I recommend her to people looking to get tattooed in Ville LaSalle.

On top of always having something on my ring finger to symbolize our marriage, I now have no excuse to forget out anniversary.

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