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Our Wedding DJ: Uptown Xpress

uptownxpresslogoWhen planning our wedding we wanted to make sure everyone had a good time. For us that meant keeping them on the dance floor as much as possible.

That also meant we would need to find a DJ to provide some music during the band’s intermissions. We contracted them to provide pre-ceremony music, our processional music, cocktail music etc… as well as an Emcee.

One thing I wanted to have from our Emcee was the ability to speak Portuguese for the older generations of my family that would be attending our nuptials.

As you can imagine, choosing to have a Portuguese speaking Emcee narrowed our choices down some. Narrowed it right down to four to be exact.

I’ll be honest and say that Uptown Xpress was the last one we looked at but only because we were looking in the wrong places.

Our first choice turned us down without even asking for a specific date. We were told that they were too popular for last-minute bookings (apparently 6 months is last-minute and that company claims to have a year and a half waiting list).

Second search query was stricken from our list based on feedback from family members who had previously made use of his services.

The third DJ was actually found at around the same time as Uptown Xpress. What made the difference was DJ Stefan Jez, the owner of the company.

The owner of the third company required us to go out of our way early Saturday morning to meet with him at a Tim Horton’s on Decarie after I told him that taking public transit all the way to RDP for a 30 minute sit-down was out of the question. He was also hesitant to work with the band stating: “We’ll try, but they might not be as good as what we can provide.”

Meanwhile Stefan was more than willing to travel from Dorval to meet at our place in LaSalle. Right off the bat we meshed well with Stefan, he was honest with us and willing to work with our band.

uptowndjsAlso, when we met with the owner and Portuguese Emcee of the third company, we learned that the Emcee had a lisp. No offense to anyone reading this who might have a lisp, but an Emcee with a lisp making announcements at the most important event of our lives was the last thing that my wife and I wanted.

What also helped convince us to choose Uptown Xpress was the great reviews at WeddingWire. We have also posted a review on the website, you can find our review as well as the others by clicking here.

The final thing that convinced us was the Uptown Xpress YouTube channel that serves as a portfolio of sorts. Stefan films at various points of the night and then edits them into a quick video. Ours is now up for your viewing pleasure:

Once again I would like to thank DJ Stefan Jez and Johnny for the great job they did that night. I’ve been told that it’s not always easy for a DJ to follow a band, but these guys pulled it off.

If you’re planning a wedding or any other even in the Montreal area that requires a DJ, I highly recommend that you check them out.

Worth every dollar.

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One comment on “Our Wedding DJ: Uptown Xpress

  1. Hi Robert it’s was a pleasure to be part of your special day congrats once again and thank you for choosing us to be your dj’s of choice


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