Our Wedding Band: The Hellbound Hepcats

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Building up to our wedding we were constantly being asked what our plans were; What’s your venue? Is there a theme? Band or DJ?

Few people had been made aware of our desire to have a band as well as a DJ and that brought on even more questions; Are you sure you want a band? Wedding bands are hit or miss, more often than not it’s a miss, you’re better off getting a DJ. Have you heard them play before?  Were just some of the comments and questions we got.

There was even more skepticism when we told people that yes, we had heard them play before…in a pub. Our band wasn’t even a wedding band.

In fact we chose a Rockabilly band called The Hellbound Hepcats.

We got asked if they even knew how to play weddings. Our response to that question was simple. We didn’t want a wedding band at our wedding. We wanted a show, a genuine Rockabilly concert.

We wanted our wedding to be memorable. A wedding that would be talked about for years to come and the Hellbound Hepcats helped us accomplish just that by blowing our guests away.

I had been in talks with singer/guitarist Alexander Brown for about a year before the wedding. Which is funny because we only gave ourselves seven months to plan it.

That’s right, we chose our band before choosing a date or the venue.

Alex was more than willing to accommodate our wishes. Including a list of songs we didn’t want him to play, our list of requested Hellbound Hepcats originals and having to work with the DJ to know when they would hit the stage.

They played three amazing hour-long sets. Each one better than the preceding set. I remember talking with my best-man and the drummer Sandro in the halls after the first set. My best-man told him how awesome he thought they played. Sandro chuckled and responded: “That was just a warm-up man, it gets a lot better.”

He wasn’t lying.

The Hellbound Hepcats

With their covers of great artists such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry and the Stray Cats mixed in with some of their originals, there was never a dull moment and everyone was constantly on the dance floor.

The music and immense stage presence of the Hellbound Hepcats meshed perfectly with the look and feel of the Rialto Theater. Combined with the light show and smoke machines we did get that concert vibe we were hopping to have. Some members of my family have commented that our wedding was also their first concert.

I want to thank Alex, Jordan and Sandro for the amazing show they put on at our wedding, we rocked so hard that one guests split his pants.

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