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Roger Fallas Traded For A Bag Of Balls?

Roger-Fallas-Perez-Zeledon-ARCHIVO_LNCIMA20130708_0115_1You’re probably asking yourselves who the heck is Roger Fallas? I was asking myself the same thing when I first came across the story.

I even wonder if his teammates know who he is.

That seems like it’s about to change however. He might not be known for his skills on the pitch, but he will be remember for this trade.

Rigoberto Chinchilla of Fallas’ former second division team AS Puma Generaleña reportedly told Radio Monumental:

“They called me, asked me what’s the status with Roger. I told them; contract or no contract, you can have him. For me it’s a privilege that they noticed him and I’m not going to close the doors on him so that he can improve himself. I asked for 50 balls.”

Just like that Roger was traded to first division team Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) in exchange for 50 balls.

It’s sounds crazy, but the move make sense considering that second division teams in Costa Rica don’t have sponsors. They cant afford to play their players and apparently new equipment his hard to come by.

Looks like being traded for  a bag of balls isn’t just an expression anymore.

I wonder if the balls are generic or if they have a UCR logo on them?


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