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New Vinyls: AC/DC, The Doors, Billy Joel & Heart

IMG-20130804-00470This past weekend we visited what many people in Montreal call the “Vintage Flea-Market” located at 7707 Avenue Shelley. We headed over there with the sole purpose of finding some vinyls to add to our ever-growing collection.

This flea-market is full of awesome hidden treasures if you have time to look, but considering we only got there an hour and a half before closing time we made a beeline for the biggest of the two used vinyls booths.

The guy has hundreds of used vinyls for sale, with prices ranging from $2-$20 for the 33s and only $1 for 45s.

You all know me well enough by know that I went straight for the Heavy Metal section in search of an AC/DC album. I was overjoyed to find For Those About To Rock, Flick Of The Switch and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

They all have some great tracks, but for me it’s not just about a few songs here and there when it comes to AC/DC. I absolutely love all their music. I can listen to them all day, any day. Of course, I couldn’t choose between them and ended up buying all three.

The Wife went for The Doors Greatest Hits, turns out she’s a big fan. She knew almost every song where as I only recognized one or two of them, the obvious one being Riders On The Storm. I have to admit after having listened to it with her, she made an awesome decision in buying that vinyl. It’s a pretty sick compilation.

Billy Joel was an easy choice for the two of us. He was such a talented pianist, lyricist and composer that you really cant go wrong in purchasing any of his albums. Glass Houses has one of my favorite tunes on it. It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me is definitely in my Top-10.

Just like Billy Joel, Heart’s Greatest Hits was an absolute no-brainier for both of us. This double compilation his just overflowing with ridiculously good songs. You can’t go wrong with songs like Barracuda and Magic Man.

All in all we were thrilled with what we were able to pick up. We walked away with 7 vinyls and it cost us $50. Not bad.

Track Listings:


For Those About To Rock:

  • Side I: For Those About To Rock (We Salute You), Put The Finger On You, Let’s Get It Up, Inject The Venom, Snowballed
  • Side II: Evil Walks, C.O.D., Breaking The Rules, Night Of The Long Knives, Spellbound

Flick Of The Switch

  • Side I: Rising Power, This House Is On Fire, Flick Of The Switch, Nervous Shakedown, Landslide
  • Side II: Guns For Hire, Deep In The Hole, Bedlam In Belgium, Badlands, Brain Shake

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  • Side I: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Love At First Feel, Big Balls, Rocker, Problem Child
  • Side II: There’s Gonna Be Some Rockin’, Ain’t No Fun Waiting Around To Be A Millionaire, Ride On, Squealer

The Doors: Greatest Hits

  • Side I: Hello, I Love You, Light My Fire, People Are Strange, Love Me Two Times, Riders On The Storm
  • Side II: Break On Through, Roadhouse Blues, Not To Touch The Earth, Touch Me, L.A. Woman

Billy Joel:

Glass Houses

  • Side I: You May Be Right, Sometimes A Fantasy, Don’t Ask Me Why, It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me, All For Leyna
  • Side II: I Don’t Want To Be Alone, Sleeping With The Television On, C’Était Toi (You Were The One), Close To The Borderline, Through The Long Night

The Stranger

  • Side I: Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song), The Stranger, Just The Way You Are, Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
  • Side II: Vienna, Only The Good Die Young, She’s Always A Woman, Get It Right The First Time, Everybody Has A Dream

Heart: Greatest Hits

  • Side I: Barracuda, Silver Wheels, Crazy On You, Straight On, Dreamboat Annie
  • Side II: Even It Up, Magic Man, Heartless, Dog & Butterfly
  • Side III: Bebe Le Strange, Tell It Like It Is, Mistral Wind, Hit Single, Strange Euphoria
  • Side IV: Sweet Darlin, I’m Down/Long Tall Sally, Unchained Melody, Rock And Roll

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