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VIDEO: Why I Hate Brad Marchand

This is one of the many reasons I despise Brad Marchand. This sucker punch happened in Game 7 of the Eastern Semi Final of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs.   Why the F would a habs fan want to stay classy when #bradmarchand is lower than any coward alive? And how the F do #boston […]

Is There Any Hope Left?

The last few weeks the Habs have given some of us fans  New Hope  False Hope with their performances. I really don’t know what to think of our beloved Bleu-Blanc et Rouge anymore. What a great week they had last week wining four games in a row (3-0 vs Winnipeg Jets, 3-2 vs Pittsburgh Penguins, […]

I Got A Feeling: Part 3

I started this little “mini” series of posts a few days ago to share my thoughts and try to explain why I have a good feeling for the Montreal Canadiens in the upcoming 2011-12 NHL season. In my first post I wrote about Micheal Cammalleri, and about PK Subban in my second. So how can […]

I Got A Feeling: Part 2

In this second post about the upcoming season for the Habs (the first post can be read here) I wan to talk about a player who I feel will become one of the team’s superstars in the near future. That player is PK Subban. I think it safe to say that we all agree on the […]

In response to Luis

I am writing this post in response to a recent email I got from one of my readers. He asked me an interesting question and I thought I might as well share my opinion with everyone else.  This is the email he sent me: Hi Rob, First off I wanted to say thank you for […]

My First Habs Tweetup

Now, some of you who came across this post via search engine results, Stumble Upon or any other way to come across this post at random or if you don’t have a Twitter account may not know what a Tweetup is; a Tweetup is a real life meeting or get together of people using Twitter, […]

Chewbacca Stories: Hockey?

I’ve had this Chewbacca Story floating around in my head for a while now. It happened before I had a blog. When I started my blog I hadn’t planned on sharing Chewbacca’s blunders with you all. Then I wrote my first Chewbacca post and it was a hit. I asked some readers who follow me […]