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Video: Metal + Mariachi= Metalachi?

Chom’s Esteban Vargas posted a link to this interesting video on YouTube this morning. A heavy-metal-mariachi cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train, sounds crazy eh? I can’t help but smile while watching this video. A quick YouTube search will find more covers by this band called Metalachi including songs like Dio’s Rainbow In The Dark,  […]

New Vinyls: AC/DC, The Doors, Billy Joel & Heart

This past weekend we visited what many people in Montreal call the “Vintage Flea-Market” located at 7707 Avenue Shelley. We headed over there with the sole purpose of finding some vinyls to add to our ever-growing collection. This flea-market is full of awesome hidden treasures if you have time to look, but considering we only […]

New Vinyls: AC/DC, Rush & Journey

Two weekends ago while staying with my parents in Chateauguay we went to check out a place called Rock Station on Boulevard D’Anjou who’s advertising claimed they had used vinyls for sale. First of all what a sketchy place. They do tattoos and piercings in the back, but I wouldn’t trust them. I had previously […]

Video: The Black Keys – Howlin’ For You Laval 05/07/2013

The Black Keys performing Howlin’ For You at Place Montmorency in Laval, Quebec.

Good Times at Heavy MTL 2012

August 11th and 12th 2012 was the fourth annual edition of the Heavy MTL hard rock and heavy metal festival in Montreal. It was my first time attending the festival and I had a blast listening to amazing music and occasionally discussing everything from the music to politics with people I have never met. The […]

Jessica Kaye’s Catchy Music

One of my good friends has been creating some rather catchy acoustic music, such great music that I felt the need to share it with you all. Known by many for her videos of acoustic covers on Youtube, she broke out onto the music scene in 2009 independently releasing her first demo “Full Conviction”. She now has an EP […]