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NBC’s Blunder

The Twitter account for NHL on NBC Sports had to face quite a bit of scrutiny yesterday after they tweeted one of the most erroneous “facts” I’ve seen in a while. As you can see from the first screen shot, they deleted what they posted. The tweet in question was one stating that Patrick Roy […]

Carey Price, Canadiens’ Hirings & The Stanley Cup Finals

P.K. Subban recently caused quite the stir on Twitter when he tweeted to all his followers that they should stay tuned because he had a major announcement. Immediately people thought that Bergevin had come to an agreement with the charismatic defenseman. In reality, his announcement was only to officially welcome his best Bro Carey Price […]

Habs Finally Hire a New GM

The wait is over, after 32 long days Geoff Molson has finally hired a new Executive Vice-President  and General Manager. He chose Marc Bergevin and so far it seems to be a logical choice, he has many good qualities that should help him do his job, and on top of that he looks like a […]

2012 Playoffs, School & Work

Now that the Senators have been eliminated from the playoffs I find myself uninterested with the playoffs. They were the last Canadian team to be eliminated and now I have to team to cheer for. I really could care less about who wins the cup now. However, if Toronto would be in the playoffs (and […]

Racist Bruins Fans

Being a Habs fan I’ve had to endure many frustrating debates with classless Bruins fans during regular season or playoff hockey games whenever the two bitter rivals played against each other. I’m not saying their all classless. Some of them I can actually have a civilized conversation with. That’s why I wasn’t surprised to see […]

25 Game Suspension For Torres: Too Much?

When I originally saw the hit on Marian Hossa I knew right away that there would be some supplementary discipline. I assumed that one of two things would happen; a) the NHL would drop the ball and not suspend him but give him a $2500 fine or b) they would pull up their pants and […]

Mr. Gauthier; A bad GM & A Jerk To Boot

We know how bad Pierre Gauthier was as a GM for the Montreal Canadiens without my having to reiterate his series of bad decisions, poor trades and terrible management of players and personnel. I though I’d be done with talking about Pierre Gauthier on my Blog but the recent story that surfaced about Cammalleri and […]