It Was Your Mistake, Not Mine.

There are people in life that piss me off. One of those people happens to be the store manager where I work. He likes to treat people like an idiot, when in reality we’re not as dumb as he makes us look and feel.

Yesterday when I was working my usual shift of 1 to 9pm he had one of his clients come in to buy a TV. We weren’t to busy yesterday so when we got the pick list for his order we were happy to have something to do. So I go to the back, to pick the TV on the order and a Blu-Ray player. Get back to my desk, scan the serial numbers and head on up to the cash. That’s when he pissed me off.

 I get to the cash with the TV. Right away the manager starts looking at me weird and asks me who picked the TV. I told him I did, and he asked me if I brought up the right order.

 “You invoiced a Panasonic TCP-42S2 that’s what I brought up.”

 “Can you read?” He asked “Are you as dumb as Chewbacca, or is t because you’re Portuguese that you fucked up? I asked for a C2 not an S2, there’s a big difference.”

 “Ok, calm down, I’ll go change it.”

 So I go back down and exchange the TV for the other model change the serial number on the invoice and notice that it clearly says Panasonic TCP-42S2. Even the pick list said that the order was for an S2. I brought up the C2 model because apparently I screwed up, but I also brought the invoice and the pick list to show him.

 “Oh,” he said “my mistake.”

 Yeah, no s**t Sherlock, I know it’s your mistake. But that doesn’t give him the right to insult me on three levels, he insulted my intelligence by saying I cant read, my race and to top it off compares me to Chewbacca (if you’ve read any of my previous post, you know that’s an insult).

 And you know what rattled me the most; he didn’t even apologize for trying to blame me for his mistake.

 As @chile_pepper would say; Water the Flowers…


2 comments on “It Was Your Mistake, Not Mine.

  1. He needs to be careful and you need to not be so nice. If he’s treating you that way and making commentary about your race, you have the right to go to your boss and demand he be reprimanded. My father was a mediator for the Canadian Human Rights Commission for 20 years, and there are laws in place to prevent this nonsense. It’s unforgivable. There are also workplace laws regarding treatment of co-workers. At the very least you are owed an apology. If you let this slide, he may choose to do it again. Just food for thought.


    • I did go see my boss to complain, the boss called him in to the office and asked me to tell my manager what I wanted because of what he said. I told him I wanted an apology, and for him to have his eyes checked so that he doesn’t make the same mistake again :)


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