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Chewbacca Stories: No More Panasonic


Before I start this story, I should probably reiterate who is this person I refer to as Chewbacca, just in case some of you have come across my blog for the first time, or do not follow me on Twitter.

I work for an audio/video distributor in its shipping department. We’re fairly small shipping department. We have the shipping manager, two senior drivers, myself and Chewbacca. Most of us have nicknames at work. My nick name is Cammalleri, because I am usually wearing a Habs t-shirt to work, and if it has a name on the back, it will be Cammy’s. Chewbacca’s nick name comes from the fact that he has so much hair.

The reason I choose to write about him is simple enough, he annoys the heck out of me. I hardly work with him; in fact, I only work with him on Fridays, unless he gets called in. A lot of the stuff he does, or says usually pisses me off because it’s so idiotic. But I got to admit, when I get home and think about, I laugh, and so do the people that I tell these stories to. That is why I decided to post these Chewbacca stories to my blog, and share this one with you.

This past Thursday, I get into work only to find out that my manager called in sick, and they had to call in Chewbacca. I knew it was going to be a long night because Chewbacca is the type of guy that you have to repeat yourself three to four times in order for him to do what you’re asking of him. Even if you ask him so many times, you will always find out that it was not done right or not done at all. I always work double when he’s around.

As soon as I got to work, I was kept busy. Stock was coming in; I had to ship stuff and prepare the next day’s deliveries. I figured that whatever clients came into the store and bought something, I would let Chewbacca take care of it. So every time he got what we called a “pick list”, he would get it out of stock, add the serial number to the invoice, and finally, take it out to the customer’s car. Surprisingly, everything was going well.

Probably two or three hours into my shift, I get called to the cash. There’s a customer with the store manager, and she’s furious.  When asked why I was paged, I got a realy bad tongue lashing from my manager. They gave me a copy of the woman’s invoice and said that she was still waiting for her television. I looked at the time the invoice was made at and immediately understood why she was upset; she had been waiting close to an hour for her TV. I went back to shipping and went to see Chewie right away.

“I thought you said you were taking care of the customers who come in?”

“No Rob, I can’t take care of them, I’m not their mother am I? I said I would take the stuff up to them.”

“Whatever,” I said. “Look, this lady’s been waiting for almost an hour for her TV!”

“What do you mean? I don’t understand” he said, this drove me up the walls.

“How could you not understand? You got a pick list, and didn’t bring up the television.”

“Ok and how is that a problem. If I go to buy a TV, and I don’t get it, it means they don’t have it, or that they put in my car without me noticing. I still don’t see why everyone is upset, but what TV is it?”

“It’s a 46 inch Panasonic.”

“Oh, okay, I remember that one now.”

“Why didn’t you bring it up?”

“I didn’t bring it up because unless it’s an invisible TV, we don’t have any Panasonic TVs at all in stock.” I couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“Are you sure? Because I worked on Tuesday and we received about 40 Panasonic TVs.”

“I’m very sure Rob, you can even go check the back if you don’t believe me”

“Ok, I will, come with me.”

So we headed to the backroom where we keep most of the televisions, I brought a buggy with me because I knew we had that TV in the back. Imagine the look on his face when we got to the back and I pointed at this:

“I told you we had Panasonic in stock.”

“I don’t get it; you must have hid them and put them back when I wasn’t looking.”


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