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I Got A Feeling

With the Habs’ training camp just a couple of weeks away, I figured it was a good time to share some thoughts about the good feeling I’ve got about the upcoming 2011-12 season.

There are a few things that are making feel this way, and to put them in to one post would be too long and probably make for a boring read. With this in mind I decided it would be a better idea to separate my thoughts into different posts, sort of like a mini series, starting with today’s post on our favorite sniper; Michael Cammalleri.

As we all know Cammalleri has always been big on his BioSteel program. I personally hadn’t heard much of this stuff unless it was from Cammalleri through is Twitter account. That is until this summer. It starting popping up everywhere.

Then came that article from The Hokey News where Cammalleri claims to be in the best shape he’s been in years.

“Of the last three years, this is the best my body’s felt.”

“I expect this to be my best season ever”

In his first two campaigns with Montreal he suffered injuries that sidelined him for a couple of weeks but despite that he was able to hit the twenty goal mark in his first year (26) and just barely missing that mark last season (19).

Cammalleri’s beat season thus far came 2008-09 when he was playing with the Calgary Flames. He was able to score 39 goals & 43 assists for a total of 82 points in 81 games. When you consider all of this and the fact the BioSteel trainer Matt Nichol is of the opinion that pound for pound Cammalleri is currently one of the strongest guys in the NHL. how can you not have a good feeling about Cammalleri’s performance next season?

I got a good feeling, and I think that Cammy will hit the 40 goal mark in 2011-12. What do you think?

I Got A Feeling: Part 2

I Got A Feeling: Part 3


One comment on “I Got A Feeling

  1. I too feel a strange aura around this team, this will be an interesting year. Les boys are going to trash the Eastern conference. With all hands on deck we will be singing ole ole till late June!

    Cammi is going to terrorize the opposing D.


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