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I Got A Feeling: Part 2

In this second post about the upcoming season for the Habs (the first post can be read here) I wan to talk about a player who I feel will become one of the team’s superstars in the near future. That player is PK Subban.

I think it safe to say that we all agree on the fact that PK had an amazing rookie season last year. In 77 games he scored a total of 14 goals & 24 assists for a total of 38 points. Compare that to the points total he earned in his only year with the Hamilton Bulldogs (18-35-53) and we see that he’s not too far away from matching that point total. I strongly believe that he will be able to score about 20 goals this year if he continues to develop the same way.

Subban also proved to be the type of player who doesn’t give up. He face a lot of criticism from other players around the league about his supposedly disrespectful attitude but he didn’t let that phase him. He kept playing his hard and fearless style that we all love from him.

I was especially glad to see that even when Jacques Martin sent him to the rafters for a few games, he was able to take that in stride and exceed expectations when he next set foot on the ice.

Throughout the season Subban also showed us that he can be a clutch player. The two occasions he did so that come into mind immediately was the over time winning goal to secure a playoff berth. And of course, the tying goal in the dying minutes of game seven against those damn Boston Bruins. Yeah we lost that game seven, but if it hadn’t been for Subban’s goal, we wouldn’t have had that last glimmer of hope and those few extra minutes to try to put one behind Tim Thomas.

It’s for these reasons that I got a good feeling about PK Subban for next season.

There’s a reason he earned the nickname “Showtime Subban”, he’s got Hockey Swagger.

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One comment on “I Got A Feeling: Part 2

  1. I think 50 pts for him this year is not out of the question, especially if they decide to pair him with Markov on the PP. Markov’s vision with PK’s slapper could make for a great combo. I love his work ethic and his pure love for the game and when he finds that perfect balance between skill player and agitator I think you are looking at a guy that at the very least is a Norris nominee in years to come.


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